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Blog // How to create the perfect mid-century Christmas!

If like me you get your Christmas inspiration from the decorations, deigns and ephemera of the 1950's and 1960's, you'll be hunting the high street for decorations that evoke these periods.

Here are some tips that I have put together on how to create the look.

First of all, and I cannot stress this enough, don't be tempted by LED Christmas lights! Nothing says 'petrol station' more than a set of flashing LED's on your Christmas tree. You don't need to buy vintage sets (unless you want to) but get some old fashioned filament fairy lights (of the non-flashing variety). You wont regret it when you see the warmth in the glow.

Look for crepe paper and tissue paper decorations in multiple colours. Don't try to colour theme your decorations in a tasteful way, don't be afraid of to bring lot's of colours into your home. Here at the shop we have handmade crepe paper streamers, which should be twisted when hung across the ceiling. We also stock more intricate paper deigns which are similar to the ones show in the image left.

You'll find these hard to come buy in most shops, foil ones are an easier option if you cannot find paper ones, but are not authentic for the 50/60's Christmas looks.

Once you have hung your streamers, you need to look at bells and lanterns to break up the lines. You can buy original vintage ones but the coloured paper on the these older examples tends to have faded over time. You will find it fairly easy to buy modern versions of these decorations but they are almost always made entirely on one colour. For a authentic vintage look you need to source multi coloured ones. If you can't find any I suggest making your own, you can learn how to do this by searching through craft tutorials online. We also offer craft workshops at the shop which are a fun and sociable way to learn a new skill! More info on these can be found here. We also sell similar decorations in the shop.

​Paper lanterns are an alternative if you can's the paper bells. We sell modern versions of these at the shop in a range of colours.

When it comes to baubles and tree decorations, the only way to go is to buy original vintage glass ones. Over the years these have become extremely sought after and you will be lucky to find some at a thrifty price. Think of them as an investment, you're going to have these in your life for years to come, you might even even pass them down through the generations. This year at the shop we have some lovely boxes including these vintage Winfield/Woolworths ones.

When it comes to Christmas trees, it perfectly alright to go for a plastic one, metallic tinsel ones and white ones are great for the sixties look. Don't pick a black one or a purples obviously. If you go for a green plastic one, pick one that's not too bushy or realistic looking. If you do for a real one it should be a norway spruce rather than a nordmann fir. And remember NO LED light and NO FLASHING lights. Go for coloured filament bulbs. Don't be afraid of tinsel when you are dressing a tree. Use is sparingly and push it into the tree so that it reflects the light and draws the eye in to the branches. Remember when you dress a tree that you need to put the decorations deeper inside near the trunk as well as on the tips of the branches.

Here at the shop we have everything you need to create the perfect mid-century style Christmas, from vintage baubles and decorations, to hand made vintage style cards, tags, streamers, lanterns and garlands. Not to mention a big box FULL of vinyl Christmas albums!

Join us in December 9th 7-11pm for a special late night shopping event with a night markets, Christmas cocktails, mulled wine and a bit of a christmas party, mid-century style of course.

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