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Re-opening Soon!

So it’s been 6 months since we closed our shop for refurbishment! Sorry about that! I bet you’re thinking ‘It better be an amazing re-fit’? Well it will be great, and it wont be long until you get to come and see it either.

Towards the end of last year I had the misfortune to get seriously ill with meningitis, I was in a coma for a little while and out of action for a good 6 months. During this time I couldn’t attend to our shop and so we had to close for a while. When I got back on my feet we thought about re-opening but it seemed like the ideal opportunity to refurbish the shop. So we stayed closed while we sanded, scrubbed, painted and transformed the space.

When we moved into the shop back in 2011 we only planned to be open for one month as a pop-up shop. So we didn’t redecorate or change the interior, we just moved in to the space as it was. Here we are five years later and it seemed like a good time to make some changes and make the space more suitable for our business.

Our inspiration for has always stemmed from the great boutiques of sixties London, ‘Granny Takes a Trip’, ‘I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet’, ‘Bazaar’, Biba, ‘Hung on You’ etc. These shops were often colourfully painted and jam packed with rails and ephemera with a very different vibe to modern boutiques. We also love the coffee bars of Soho in the 1960’s . Trying to balance our influences with modern shopping tastes has proved a tricky one. On the one hand, we want the shop to be cool and look like something that inspires us. On the other hand it also has to be a business which appeals to the modern customer and the local demographic. Hopefully we've got the balance right with our refurbishment.

When we re-open we also plan to make a few changes to our stock. Firstly we want to increase the quality of our vintage pieces. With an emphasis on classic high quality genuine vintage item sourced mainly from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. These are the decades we are passionate about and that inspired us to open the shop in the first place.

A little sneak peak at the new iterior

If everything goes to plan we hope to re-open on Saturday the 18th of June 2016 TBC. See you there!

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