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Life in the new shop!

It's now been 3 months since our shop re-opened after we closed for refurbishment at the start of 2016! We're absolutely thrilled with the new look of the shop and it's great to hear all the kind compliments from our customers. If we had a pound for every time someone has come in and said "are you new?" we'd be rich!

Interior of the shop

Mews Festival!

Back in September we teamed up with our Mews neighbours to host a street festival on Avenue Mews, this is the 3rd Mews Festival and for the first time rain threatened to spoil the event. About 10 minuted before it started there was an almighty down pour and our spirits hit rock bottom as we tried to set up sodden gazebos in the puddles. But 15 minutes later, much to our relief, the rain cleared up and a crowd of people materialised!

Street Party on the Mews

Inside the shop Sean Bright and Dave Bryant were behind the decks and outside live music filled the air from the stage above our neighbours shop 'Cha Cha Cha.

Sean DJing

Mews Festival really is a lovely event, there is nothing else quite like it in Muswell Hill. Of course, it takes a HUGE amount of work to organise it, but we think the hard work is worth it.

Inside the shop

Coffee Cake and Rock & Roll!

A few weeks ago we held a coffee morning to raise money for Macmillans Cancer Support. We themed the event on the 2 I's Coffee bar in 1950's Soho.

Out pop up coffee bar
Cake by My Little Cake Tin

We were thrilled to have this beautiful cake donated by the amazing Tarunima from My Little Cake Tin.

Everyone enjoyed having coffee at the shop so much that we decided to keep the coffee machine there permanently.

We believe that the shop is probably one or the most unique and unusual places to drink coffee in Muswell Hill! If you don't believe us, come and try some time.

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