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Back to school at the Fortitude festival

Last Saturday we took part in the summer festival of the local secondary school (Fortismere school - Fortistude Festival). Which happens to also be where I went to school! Expecting a little trip down memory lane plus a chance to raise local awareness of the shop we packed up our gazebo and headed to the playing field. Here is a picture of our stall:

I have to say that it was nothing like the school fairs when I was there over a decade ago. Much more like a actual festival, with a huge professional stage, a big top with another stage, live music, cabaret, several bars, street food stalls.... The event was mostly attended by the school pupils, parents and teachers, but it would have been a great community event for the wider Muswell Hill Community to attend. It was on a much larger scale than the Muswell Hill and also East Finchley Festivals in Cherry Tree woods. I couldn't help thinking that merging the festivals together would be great. It also made a change for us to be stall holding at an event rather than running the event, even though we've organised pop up markets for 3+ years, we rarely hold stalls at our own events for fear of spreading ourselves too thin. All in all we had fun reminiscing about sports day on the field and bringing our wares to a different audience. The weather was against us but the gazebo held out well! Big thanks to the organisers for inviting us to take part.

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